When Hiring Your Moving Company, Do Not Cut Corners

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With all that goes into a smooth and seamless moving day, your moving company really is of lynchpin importance. Pay more for great service. When your building’s management company stops your move at the assigned stop time and the move isn’t finished yet because: the crew didn’t pay attention to the building’s required moving hours, or because there weren’t enough people on the crew to get the work done on time, or because there weren’t enough boxes, or because the truck wasn’t large enough… While paying double to get a truck to come back and finish the job tomorrow, that’s when you will really regret bargain shopping for a moving company. 

  • Meet with the rep from the moving company in advance so that they can advise on truck size, number of boxes, packing of special items, and the price. Confirm your moving company’s arrival and departure time, discuss contingencies/adjustments for an unforeseen late start on moving day, and understand where/how your belongings will be stored overnight. 
  • Do not hire a company who hasn’t met with you onsite in advance.
  • Hire a moving company that is proactively co-operative, good-natured and accommodating toward your building’s super, staff and neighbors.
  • Try to hire a four-person crew. Never hire a two-person crew.
  • Confirm that your moving company will bring A LOT of extra boxes and packing materials, even if nobody thinks they will be needed.
  • Confirm that your moving company is completely aware of your building’s move-in and move-out hours. 
  • Reserve the freight elevator, and confirm your reservation the day before your move.
  • Choose a moving company who really knows NYC.
  • Check reviews, or better yet ask your building’s super, handyman and/or porters for companies who were great on past move-ins/outs.

Here are my recommendations for the most professional moving companies in NYC:

Moishe’s Moving NYC

o: 718-392-4116


Roadway Moving

o: 212-812-5240


Piece of Cake Moving & Storage

o: 212-651-7273


Morgan Manhattan

o: 646-783-4003


JP Urban Moving!/

o: 718-965-1925


Imperial Movers

o: 212-879-6683


Note: Check with me if you’re thinking of hiring a company that doesn’t appear on this list.

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